10 Good Habits which Increases Happiness

 happily, scientifically. If you consistently use these 10 habits, you are likely to increase your happiness (check out strategies to increase your happiness and more here):


1. Determine your priorities.


Should you build the right skills for happiness if you don't know which ones to fight in the first place? That's why it helps to take questions to test your strengths and weaknesses. Gain a better understanding of what these skills are, and learn how you can improve your weaknesses and build your "strength of happiness."


2. Give yourself confidence.


Why worry about increasing your happiness if you don't think you can succeed? You wouldn't. That's why it's so important to build your energy - to prove to yourself that you can increase your happiness. A good way to do this is to start with simple skills - skills like gratitude or prioritizing spending time doing fun things. Get a quick victory, and you'll be more confident that you can truly change your life.


3. Make your progress by learning how to feel better about yourself.


You would not practice math in order to be better at cooking. And you would not learn another language to lose weight. To be truly happy, you will probably be better off focusing on the skills that are closely linked to happiness. In my research, the most common skill that appears to be related to happiness is: good looks. Learning how to feel better about yourself - for example, by considering yourself the best, recognizing your good qualities, or realizing your potential - can go a long way toward increasing your happiness.


4.Create a balance and overcome fatigue.


How can you have the strength to be happy when you are stressed, tired, and miserable at work? It's going to be really hard. Building new skills, skills that will help you be happier, will take time and energy. It is therefore helpful first to create a better working life balance.


5. Create a growing sense of happiness.


The state of growth refers to the belief that we can change ourselves. When we create a growing sense of happiness, we believe we can change our happiness. This is very important, because if we do not believe we can increase our happiness, we will not even bother to try.


6. Make good memories.


All regions in our brain can be strengthened by action. If our brain is able to remember negative things that happen, it can help to strengthen the brain regions that are responsible for remembering good things.


7. Find those silver cloths.


All we get is a bummer if we choose to see it that way. But if you are looking for the benefits or connections of silver in your life, you may be surprised to find so much good. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Also, this ability has been linked to better ability to cope with stress and to be resilient.


8. Take breaks from social media.


Facebook often has a negative impact on our happiness. By choosing to take a break from Facebook - or by changing the way we use social media - we can increase our happiness.


9. Spend more wisely with more joy.


The way we choose to spend our money affects what we can do and how we live our lives in ways that contribute to our happiness. When we choose a luxurious house or a car - things that do not bring us much happiness - we have a lot of money to spend on entertainment or gifts from friends: things that actually make us happy.

10. Communicate kindly.

When we show kindness to others, we feel better about ourselves. We can do good things for others, be compassionate, or treat others as we would like to be treated



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