10 Qualities of a Good Student

 10 Qualities of a Good Student | Higher Student

Qualifications to be a Top Top / Student in any field.

Being a topper is the dream of every student. But what are the 10 qualities of a Good Student in any field? Being a cartoon is not a daydream. It requires constant effort and hard work. 

First, you need to know what it means to be a "good student". It means the best student in the classroom, at school or in any competition. Generally, a propeller has two types.

First of all, good students who are born with talent have a natural ability to understand the concept very easily and in a short time.

The second type of topper is those who have a clear goal or target that they would like to achieve. They have a sense of hopelessness, a sense of accomplishment, and a time schedule.

The first type of toppers has the characteristics of a good student by birth. but every ordinary student becomes a Master or a Good student if he works as a second type.

Now we'll see, what are the requirements for a good student to become a master.

1 balance between student and personal life:

The topper maintains a balance between its student and personal health.

 She lives in the present tense as when she is in school and focuses not only on the classroom but also on family and friends rather than on them. Topper only thinks about what he does, and makes a focus on his work.

2. Proper planning:

Make a curriculum for your studies. Proper planning is highly recommended for completing a task.

 Let's take, for example, a person who does not have the right framework for what, when and how to do his job that can easily be achieved? No. Proper planning leads to the goal in a simple way.

Keep a record of all your activities for the day. Avoid unproductive activities and balance the system.

3. Self-confidence:

Self-confidence and self-motivation always help you hold tests for better results.

Trust and trust your hard work and skills. First, make sure that you do the job well. Sometimes a little fear helps a lot because it helps you work better. Do not try to achieve too much in a short period of time.

4. Honesty:

The one who hits the top is the one you believe in and know where you stand. Honesty is the key to success. They are open. All the students in the class know that he is the one who throws the top.

Wise Thinking:

The topperist is the one who knows that he does not study much in school in front of other children to show off. but at home, they study. They are smart. Let others know about their studies to lower expectations.

6. Taking Notes:

Topper always likes to make his own notes. They do not rely on the work of others. Because their approach is very different. Do not copy others; get a job because if one strategy works for one person it will need to work the same way for another person.

7. Avoid Distractions:

Turn off your cell phone and television while reading. Try to stay in the right place. Read with full concentration for some time.

8. Physical Health:

For the student, physical health is a priority. Because a sick student can't get a good position. Mental and physical activities are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

 Exercise and proper nutrition are essential for the mind and body. Our brain needs the ability to do the right thing. if he does not get it he is looking for strength, he will get tired and it will not work properly.

Final Preparation:

Preparations for the past month are highly calculated. During this time make every effort to remember what you have learned throughout the year. 

Take updates from your studies. Try to analyze your efforts and the work you have done. Revision terms are often incorrectly associated with last-minute settings.

 The ideas will easily be forgotten if you leave them for too long. So do a review after a short time and in the meantime, test all your efforts.


Regular attendance at all classes is a must. Skipping one or more talks disrupts your learning process. If you miss one idea, you will have an effect on all of your results. Any chapters and topics should not be taken lightly. give them equal importance to all.

Finally, one more tip is here, that It uses active memory instead of less memory. Meaningless memory means reading the same information over and over again without its preservation. Active memory, however, is a more efficient and effective learning method.

 Active Recall works best because it works on principles. To read and remember your details, you need to stimulate your brain to remember something in your long-term memory.

A good way to remember what works is to take yourself as your teacher and teach them without using any other textbook. Highlight what you have read with the main sentences and paragraphs.



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