How to Avoid Sleeping while Study ?

 Sleeping well makes us feel new and energized. Many students aim to study at night to prepare for another day's exam, but after trying all the ways they feel sleeping in between classes, and this disrupts their preparation.


 Avoid having too much fun while reading such as using leg cushions or pillows. Luxury or

relaxation will only interfere with the pattern or rhythm of the study.

 Sitting on the legs may not be as comfortable as the rest of the body, but with this process, students can keep relaxing in and focus on the lessons. IF YOU want more attention in your studies, then feel free.

Keep Your Body Water:

Drinking water throughout the analysis will keep you refreshed, so as you sit to study keep a water bottle nearby and drink it every 30 minutes. Keeping the body dehydrated allows you to feel tired and sleepy. Seasonal water use will continue to keep the mind hydrated and develop attractive energy.

 It will also give you the urge to urinate, and this will give you a short break from reading.


Reading under a table lamp and all the other viewing points closed will only attract laziness. It gives you a comfortable, comfortable ambiance to stay alert to research.

 Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly read room lights.

Disable Bed Inspection:

The working environment is very important while writing or reading something.The seat will provide your back which will not be protected. Keeping books on the table and sitting in a chair will give a sense of study, and the learning process will be faster.

Say NO to a difficult meal:

A strict diet consistently encourages laziness, and it is not recommended that you sit down and read after a hard meal.

 Lethargic feeling drains the energy and thus will cause you to interrupt the study.It does not mean that you should go hungry, eat less often and this will allow you to focus more on the lessons.

 Getting a good night's sleep can help to cover your body's sleep and rest. This way, you will get used to getting up in the morning and being younger. In a new sense, if you sit down and research, it will help to remember everything easily.

 It will keep you clean and energized throughout the day and build up your power of torture with great power to remember any information.


Walk and Study aloud:

 When you read when you feel tired, and then walk around the area, this will keep you awake. The body is tired sitting in the same position, and needs to rest, so walking that involves studying will provide physical activity.

 Reading aloud will also help you to stay alert and listen to the voice will improve concentration.

 Following these tips will make you feel more focused and avoid falling asleep with your research.

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