How to Get 700+ In the NEET 2020 Exam you need extraordinary effort. This article will also help you in developing the preparation strategy for NEET 2020. You know how difficult this is in the real world. But it is not possible because 3 students did it in the NEET 2019 exam.

But the multi-million dollar question is how could this happen to you?

Anyone who says they are trying to put in hard work, follow a solid time table and read all the books, review Ncert many times but ...

How do you break NEET 2020 with 600+ marks?

Isn't this a common thing that almost every student has done for their NEET 2020 exam so how can we say that this is perfect.

To score goals like 700/720 you need to follow a difficult path with a simple mindset.

Here I have mentioned some mistakes that will bring you down ...

1. Do you think you can do this with your hard work and long studies. But really, you need some smart work and a timely table.

2. You do not evaluate your performance well after your test.

3. You are always going to do a last-minute study and this is completely wrong.

4. You don’t give enough time to your review and you know this is very dangerous if you do your tests without proper reviews. Because you failed to complete your review when tested you will definitely make a lot of stupid mistakes.

5. You have not read additional articles that are less important but in a big test, they will create a huge gap between you and your success.

So these are just simple tips you all know but you may not know how this affects you.

Now, what are the relevant points for getting 700 marks in the NEET 2020 exam?

Follow these tips ...

1. First create a timetable where you will be able to complete your syllabus on time and give the correct time for your review so you don’t forget the previous topic.

2. Complete difficult and long topics first so that you have time to give yourself enough time to review.

3. Buy good books but please don't go too far. Complete one beautiful book and review it in the last months. For questions, buy books that contain high quality questions and tricky questions that will help you fix many more questions. Buy last year’s books, NEET (AIPMT), AIIMS & JEE Mains (AIEEE). To find out more check out these NEET 2020 Best Books.

4. Do not adjust your study hours for each lesson. In which case you feel less confident, give more time to them, and always try to clear up any doubts.

5. Once you have read the entire chapter and resolve all questions pertaining to them. Because It helps you to review those chapters again in a short time. Daily practice is important but it only solves Dpps (a short questionnaire provided by institutions). Review the guidelines after completing your entire chapter.

6. Tips under high marks in NEET 2020 ...

a. Physics: - This is difficult for almost all medical students but when they hear from the heart they love it. You know about the 700 marks you need to get between 170-180 in physics which means you need to fix 43-45 questions from 45 questions. An easy way to get high marks in physics is to, read the chapter with full dedication and erase the whole idea twice. Read all the formulas and solve the questions for each situation and formula. Practicing and exercising is the key to your success in physics.

b. Chemistry: - This section is good enough that you can get high scores. Natural chemistry is similar to your physics. For inanimate objects try to read Ncert as much as possible and review from time to time. For Organic, learn the correct method and learn all the basic rules that will help you to solve the most complex questions. Practicing high-quality questions is a matter for you in Organic chemistry so solve a good question.

c. Biology: - Ohh this is our best. Without this, you can't do anything even if your choice requires good marks in biology. For the bio, I give you one tip that you all know to read and review well. Solving questions is good but without 15-20 time updates, you can't get 350+ in biology. Incert is key but don't forget to cover some additional topics from your notes. Always give more time to complete the biological syllabus. And remember that this will always give you better marks in your exam and you need to do well in this.

So these are great tips but I know there is a lot more needed to what is being addressed to you. So, I'll try to cover another topic but for now, I'll end this.

Thanks for reading to the end.



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